Online Shopping Continues To Gain Traction

When it comes to Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday, which one takes the lead in terms of online sales? The popularity of online shopping continues to gain traction, even though many consumers have returned in-store. The Courier Guy monitored local shipments that took place during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to The Courier Guy, the growth in total shipments [...]

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Retail Industry Trends

Mike Smollan, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer at Smollan, looks at trend developments that are on the radar as the retail industry transformation continues. As per the Edge Global Insights Report 2023, overall, the retail industry this year has navigated the lingering effects of the pandemic, embraced digital transformation, addressed sustainability concerns, and tackled supply chain challenges. That is coupled with [...]

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Top Consumer Concerns About Online Shopping And Strategies To Ease Them

Based on a recent poll conducted using KLA’s YourView tool, there are six main reasons why consumers in South Africa are hesitant to shop online. Security Concerns A staggering 44% of respondents expressed concerns about the security of their personal and financial information while shopping online. Security threats, including scams and phishing attacks, deter many South Africans from engaging in online [...]

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Static Or Digital Out Of Home Media? It Depends On Your Objectives

Mali Motsumi-Garrido, Sales Director at Tractor Outdoor, says that when it comes to outdoor media, both static out of home (OOH) or digital out of home (DOOH) media can both play a role in your media strategy. Within media circles, you often notice that the average ‘water cooler’ conversation grows somewhat vehement when it comes […]

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Embracing Technology Is A Strategic Imperative For Retailers

According to Times 3 Technologies, having a robust tech foundation is no longer a nice to have, it has become a must-have as retailers look to do things differently without blowing their budgets. By optimising everything from inventory management and order fulfilment to finances, supply chain and customer engagement, the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) […]

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Report Shows That Online Shopping Continues Its Dominance

The future of retail is steadfastly being shaped by digital, as shoppers envision a future where nearly two-thirds (64%) of their shopping will be online in the next 10 years. As the landscape shifts, successful businesses consciously adapt to the new era of digital technologies and economies, according to the Future Shopper Report 2023 by […]

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Attend ECOM Africa 2023 For Free As An Expo Visitor

The CTICC is the place to be on 18-19 April 2023, with leading retail and e-commerce brands gathering for two days. ECOM Africa is giving you the opportunity to attend ECOM Africa 2023 free as an expo visitor. The ECOM Africa Expo will feature two on-the-floor stages hosting 50+ speakers covering topics such as retail and e-commerce, cybersecurity, and the future of [...]

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Keep Up With The Constantly Evolving E-Commerce Sector At ECOM Africa

The ECOM Africa 2023 programme will comprise a global community of experts and practitioners, local success stories and up-and-coming start-ups, sharing their experiences in the latest trends across five tracks focused on: retail and e-commerce, fintech and payments, cybersecurity, fulfilment and logistics and the future of marketing. Helping organisations become resilient and anti-fragile, focusing on the future of commerce and keeping [...]

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E-Commerce Innovations Will Revolutionise The Online Shopping Experience

Craig Lubbe, CEO of bidorbuy, discusses emerging e-commerce opportunities and what entrepreneurs abroad are doing that their local counterparts could be doing. In May this year, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) released a report that showed e-commerce’s share of the global retail trade grew from 14% in 2019 to 17% in 2020. The huge increase, representing tens of [...]

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Building A Strong Digital Marketplace Strategy Is Not Optional

Haydn Townsend, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive Africa, says small, agile companies are enjoying great success in digital marketplaces. As digitally native businesses that can evolve on the fly, these brands are capitalising on the multitude of shoppers on the likes of Amazon, Alibaba, click and collect models and food delivery ecosystems. However, a disruptive […]

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