Now Is The Ideal Time To Showcase Your Client Service Abilities

Jedd Cokayne, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop, says: ‘I am in my element now that we are starting to get a steady flow of professional sports on the box – I end up watching anything and everything that is thrown at me. I even watched the World Snooker Championships that surprisingly made for riveting […]

Brands Should Target People’s Hearts

Isla Prentis, Head of Tirisano Consulting at The MediaShop, says behavioural science shows that people are led by their hearts. Even when we think that we are making a logical, thought-through purchase decision, it is mostly our brain working overtime to justify what the heart wants. When we remember that audiences are not machines but […]

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New Ways For Marketers And Brands To Reach Audiences With Twitter

Refilwe Mangweta, Digital Campaign Manager at The MediaShop, says Twitter has launched Carousels to help marketers reach new audiences and drive people to their website or app through multiple images or videos for brands. This allows marketers to share a brand story, show off different products or highlight specific features – all within a single ad. Twitter […]

The Vast Disconnect Between Brands And Consumers Throughout The E-Commerce Marketing Funnel

Jarred Mailer-Lyons, Head of Digital at The MediaShop, says as we begin to slowly transition from managing the pandemic to the recovery of the economy, it is clear that the period of lockdown and a pandemic of this scale and magnitude is bound to have a significant impact on our lives. Of course, we will […]

Online Shopping Is Shifting Purchasing Habits Forever

Claire Herman, Media Operations Manager at The MediaShop, stated that one good thing that came out of lockdown was her introduction to online shopping. She is not unique – according to a recent IOL article, statistics from Mobicred, South Africa’s largest digital credit facility, show some interesting trends pre and post-lockdown. These include: Monthly online transactions […]

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Retailers Need To Adapt To New Consumer Habits

Associate Media Consultant at The MediaShop, Sean Sullivan, said the mental impact of the pandemic has run deep, but brands that offer reassurance of safety, along with a message of optimism, show solidarity as consumers regain confidence. Changes in consumer habits have taken place on a massive scale due to lockdowns and social distancing decrees. […]

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Demonstrating Care Is An Important Human And Consumer Insight

Megan Walker, Senior Media Strategist at The MediaShop, says the new ‘socially distanced’ way of working and being away from our colleagues can make us feel lonely. But on the flip side, history tells us that society can be socially cohesive in times of crisis. By encouraging us to think less about our own interests and […]

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