Making The Data Burden On Africa’s Cost-Conscious Mobile Community Lighter

Zubeida Goolam, director and chief creative officer at Valiant, says lite versions of mobile applications or apps have become increasingly popular across Africa and many other parts of the developing world, because these have smaller installation footprints and use less data compared to the regular app versions. Africa has a tremendous mobile adoption rate, with […]

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Use Algorithms To Create Streamlined And Highly-Effective Social Campaigns

Zubeida Goolam, co-founder and chief creative officer of at Valiant, said the changes made to social media algorithms in the past couple of years have made many brands rethink their content strategies. Instead of the accustomed chronological order, user feeds were now recalibrated to highlight ‘generally engaged with’ posts. Facebook’s pledge to put ‘friends and […]

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Brands Need To Find Simplicity In Social Content That Cuts Through The Clutter

Wayne Flemming, founder and CEO at Valiant, says simplicity still matters more than ever and that nothing can be truer than within our social media itself. Content overload We are inundated with consistent feeds, messenger platforms, emails and social content on multiple platforms. With a global trend of people decluttering their lives, it is a […]

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Valiant Expands Digital Services With Brand Relaunch

As a 51% black female-owned digital-first agency, the partners have reshaped BrandTruth//DGTL as Valiant, and the newly named company has an even deeper layer of services to help clients across Africa grow and to deliver business results that matter. Valiant’s extended set of digital services include: Valiant Connect, Valiant Performance and Valiant Production. The agency offers […]

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The Human Element Enhances Communication Between Brands And Audiences

According to Zubeida Goolam, Chief Creative Officer at Valiant, the adoption of new technologies should only eliminate communication barriers between the brand and its audience, not worsen the experience. The human element is always key to transformation. Transformation in digital marketing must begin internally to leverage external opportunities. It is up to the organisation to […]

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Think Digital Marketing First

According to Valiant, formerly known as BrandTruth, now more than ever, brands need to be brave, nimble and defiant in digital. Modern marketing professionals need to flip their thinking upside down – and think digital first. As events all but disappeared, media consumption patterns flew out the window and Out-of Home advertising became redundant, but […]

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