Brands Need Proper Measurement And Success Criteria For Social Media

According to Richard Lord, Media & Operations Director at Meta Media, during 2020, TV benefitted from a captive, stay-at-home audience with more time on their hands. Newspapers and magazines suffered as traditional distribution channels were decimated. Out of Home (OOH) fell off a cliff as there was nobody out and about. And the platform that arguably benefitted the most? Digital. 2020 [...]

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Content Creators Improving Digital Content Quality To Attract Audiences

According to Siya Metane, CEO of SlikourOnLife, 2021 is the year we are going to see a considerable shift in creators becoming deliberate content creators and curators. Not only are they going to have to be very conscious of quality to attract increasingly fickle audiences, but they are also going to need a platform that offers […]

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Understanding How TV And YouTube Work Together And Their Brand Impact

Zanele Hlatshwayo, YouTube lead at Google Africa and Ciarán Whitaker, FMCG Industry Manager at Google Africa, state that there are 24 million South Africans over the age of 18 on YouTube, and that this number is growing. This is not a platform number, but the number of adult viewers who can be reached through advertising […]

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