The Impact Of Programmatic DOOH Is Proving To Be Powerful In Brand-Building And Performance

Remi du Preez, Managing Director at Polygon, says ‘conventional’ digital channels allow access at scale, as well as advanced targeting and measurement. For advertisers, this means that they can serve advertisements to a pre-defined target audience, creating parameters that reduce the amount of media wastage and maximise bang for buck. On the other end of […]

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Principles Of A Good Customer Loyalty Or Rewards Programme

According to the 2022 South African Loyalty Landscape Whitepaper, 73% of economically active South Africans are currently using reward or loyalty programmes, belonging to an average of 9.2 programmes, almost triple the 3.6 average from 2014. World events have escalated how companies are investing in and prioritising their loyalty programmes. They are no longer a […]

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Why Inter-Agency Collaboration Can Benefit Businesses In The Long Run

According to Hustle Media, there are benefits of collaborating with industry peers. Not only can such partnerships lead to greater outcomes, but they can also promote more stability and longevity within the industry. Sharing resources and expertise through inter-agency collaboration can lead to significant cost savings, improved productivity, and increased efficiency. For example, agencies can […]

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What Trends Are Shaking Up The Design World?

Elmarie Harrington is head of graphic design at Flow Communications. She outlines eight design trends to watch out for. 1. AI-generated art The buzzword on everyone’s lips is artificial intelligence (AI), which is shaking up the design world as much as it is making waves in content creation and web development. While AI-generated art has […]

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