Will The Division Between Marketing And IT Continue In 2020?

To meet customer expectations, IT needs to be included in the marketing department’s plans and aid in delivering the customer experience at every touchpoint along the customer journey. However, while there is much hype around the benefits of technology and marketing working together, there continues to be a great divide between these departments. And yet […]

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How Long Can Google, Facebook And The Like Continue To Thrive, And What Is The Impact On Advertising?

Federico de Nardis, GroupM Sub Saharan Africa CEO, says ‘The Great Disruption’ is here and these are dangerous days for advertisers, at least those who have used television as the foundation of their communication strategy. Google and Facebook on the one hand and Netflix on the other have structurally undermined a century-old economic model: the […]

Using 2019 Marketing Techniques To Pace Your Business For 2020

Jainita Khatri, Managing Director, Prana Business Consulting, discusses six ways in which 2019’s marketing trends have prepared us for 2020. 1. ‘Effectiveness wins the battle over efficiency.’ – Sarah Vizard They sound interchangeable but the definition of effectiveness is the degree to which something is successful in producing the desired result. The meaning of efficiency […]

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Online Retail Trends For 2020

According to Derek Cikes, Commercial Director at payment fintech Payflex, consumer demands for a frictionless, personalised experience that caters for their lifestyle needs are set to drive online retail trends in 2020. The result is a focus on creating a customised experience that supports and enhances shopping in the virtual environment, facilitating the buying journey. […]

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Digital Marketing Megatrends For 2020

According to Ashleigh Wainstein, director of martech firm, Social Places, new tech tools take hold and consumer behaviour moves ever faster towards instant communication and results. She discusses seven key trends that will define digital marketing in 2020. 1. Data visualisation will become even more important, particularly the consolidation of all marketing and operational touchpoints […]

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Creating Award-Winning Ad Campaigns

Andrew Human, CEO of the Loeries Africa Middle East – address the topic ‘How to create award-winning campaigns’ at the #ModernMarketingTrendCamp.  He illustrated a few of his favourite Loeries award-winning campaigns, discussed innovative campaign strategies that brought new and fresh thinking and how the campaigns were relevant to the brand, target audience and medium used. […]

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How Marketers Can Better Understand Consumers’ Brand Decisions

Kirsty Dugmore, Chief Growth Officer of SugaSpice, elaborated on how marketers can use the disciplines of Behavioural Economics, Observed Consumer Behaviour and neuro-marketing to better understand consumers’ purchasing and brand decisions at the #ModernMarketingTrendCamp. This article highlights key takeaways from her presentation.  According to Dugmore, marketing has come a very long way over the past decade. […]

Using Influencers As A Marketing Channel

Anne Dolinschek, Founder and Chief Strategist at Nfluential, focused on using influencers as a marketing channel at the #ModernMarketingTrendCamp. This article highlights key takeaways from her presentation.  Dolinschek reveals why influencers are an important channel and how if the right types of influencers are used in the right way, they can bring immense value to brands. […]

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Building And Maintaining A Good Relationship With Your Audience

Tholoana Qhobela, Chief Strategy Officer at Havas South Africa, gave a presentation on building a good relationship with your audience and detailed how brands can forge a meaningful relationship with their target audiences at the #ModernMarketingTrendCamp. This article highlights key takeaways from her presentation. Qhobela mentioned that brands need to analyse the extent to which they can forge […]

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Using Data To Create Insight-Rich Media Campaigns

Kagiso Musi, Group Managing Director at Meta Media, showed #ModernMarketingTrendcamp delegates how they can use data to create insight-rich media campaigns. Read more about Musi’s presentation highlights, where she discusses how she uses her experience to strategically approach business opportunities and solve problems and challenges more holistically. Digitisation and data WiFi has replaced most of […]

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