2020 Digital Landscape Trends

According to Hoorah Digital CEO, Shaune Jordaan – understanding which metrics matter to your business is more crucial than ever before. When brands and businesses are monitoring the metrics that align to their commercial goals, it becomes significantly easier to gain traction in the digital space and realise opportunities for growth.  Analytics are the competitive […]

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The Role Of Technology In Brand Security

Paula Sartini, founder and CEO of BrandQuantum mentions that while technology is a key challenge for data breaches and fraud, it also has to be part of the solution. Governance, Risk and Compliance software offer companies a solution to address several of the GRC challenges they face by automating mundane reporting tasks and providing a […]

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The Matchmaking Model In Agency Selection

Marketing directors know the drill: every three to five years, they start a formal tender process to choose new marketing service providers. Often, they do so under the watch of an internal procurement team that is under massive pressure, due to a lack of both resources and insight, stated Angelika Kempe, Executive Consultant at AdOps. […]

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Six Points To Consider When Creating Content For Your Brand Campaign

According to Zubeida Goolam, Co-Founder and Creative Partner at Brandtruth/DGTL, trust is built by a brand’s credible and constant visibility. It is estimated that individuals are exposed to between 4000 and 10,000 advertisements a day. Why would any of these users stop, take notice and act on your call to action? Because they trust your […]

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Brands Can Enhance Customer Engagement Through AI

The main reasons organisations turn to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning is that they dramatically improve efficiency, can reduce errors and save time. They are also used to produce exceptionally detailed and useful business performance analysis. This is according to Ashleigh Wainstein, director of Martech firm, Social Places. The use of AI and Machine […]

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TBWA Africa Conference 2019 Highlights Podcast Content Creation And More

Modern Marketing attended the annual #TBWAAfricaConference under the theme #Disrupt at Katy’s Palace and Bar in Johannesburg on 1 November. The conference highlighted topics such as podcast content creation, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and technology in Africa.  ‘We plan to maintain momentum into 2020. Affiliates are building volumes by providing more services in each market […]

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SheSays Cape Town Partners With Kantar For Gender Representation In Advertising And Marketing Survey

Women empowerment, gender representation and diversity are some of the key issues that have been trending recently and many brands and companies have joined the movement. SheSays Cape Town has partnered with Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, to conduct the first-ever gender diversity survey in South Africa’s advertising and marketing sector.  […]

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The State Of Influencer Marketing In South Africa

HaveYouHeard co-founder and Head of Strategy, Ryan McFadyen, says the best word to describe the state of influencer marketing in South Africa is ‘fledgling’. And that is why, while both budget for and reliance on influencer marketing is growing year-on-year, there is considerable uncertainty and hesitation when it comes to fully adopting the medium as […]

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B2B Digital Marketing Can Be A Costly Mistake If Not Done Correctly

According to Judith Middleton, CEO of DUO Marketing and Communications, digital platforms are so accessible, so many may consider digital marketing a quick and easy win, but this can be a costly mistake. When we consult with clients, they quickly realise the extent of the behind-the-scenes work that needs to happen before we can even […]

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