How The POPI Act Could Change The Parameters Of Direct Marketing

Livia Dyer, partner, and Nadine Mather, Senior Associate, at Bowmans, state that direct marketing refers to the practice of approaching an individual, either in person, by post, or electronic communication, to promote or offer to supply any goods or services, or to request an individual to make a donation of any kind. Direct marketing can […]

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A Closer Look At Purpose-Led Marketing

Dylan Fortune, Head of Innovation at MetropolitanRepublic, says there are two perspectives of purpose-led marketing currently in the mainstream consciousness of companies. One is that it is a strategic drive to align with a cause or movement as and when it is convenient or beneficial to do so. Perhaps we’d find more than a handful […]

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Learn How To Do Your Own Promotional Product Branding In-House

Meet the experts to assist you with the ultimate all in one print solution to grow your offering and add value to your business. Join the Sign Africa LIVE session featuring Uprint Digital Direct for an interactive Q&A session and live demonstrations on the ultimate solution to brand in-house: the A4 CMYW Uprint printer. The printer offers an all […]

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Seven Trends To Realign Brand Fundamentals

Marcel Rossouw, Group Director for Fjord Johannesburg, part of Accenture Interactive, states that the pandemic has accelerated our adoption and collaboration with technology. The new normal looks more like the never normal and presents exciting opportunities for brands to embrace innovation using design thinking and technology.  Trend 1: The many faces of growth A fundamental reset button […]

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Demonstrating Care Is An Important Human And Consumer Insight

Megan Walker, Senior Media Strategist at The MediaShop, says the new ‘socially distanced’ way of working and being away from our colleagues can make us feel lonely. But on the flip side, history tells us that society can be socially cohesive in times of crisis. By encouraging us to think less about our own interests and […]

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Festive Season Considerations For Retailers And Brands

Mike Smollan, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer, Smollan, observed that from consumers wanting brands to speak the truth and ‘be in touch with reality’, to online shopping being the new normal, the pressure remains on brands and retailers to maximise this final Golden Quarter of 2020 as the effects of the pandemic continue to be […]

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Now Is The Perfect Opportunity For Brands To Truly Engage With The Youth

In the past few years, young people lived in the moment and it was all about experiences. Now, the lockdown has given them time to reflect on what is more important, making them ultra-intentional about their choices, states Ronen Aires, Founder and CEO of Student Village. Brands need to be on board with supporting youth, […]

A Social Marketing Plan That Considers All Options Is A Lifeline To Brands

Wayne Flemming, founder and Managing Director at Brandtruth//DGTL says that the internet lasts forever, but can your brand’s reputation? To be present online, one must plan well and be equipped with a solid risk register to deal with any potential reputational damage that could occur. Today, almost everyone’s a critic, complete with an unfiltered opinion. […]

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Emerging Female Archetypes For The Modern Marketer To Consider

According to Nicky Brand, Senior Business Consultant at Acceleration, as their influence in society and the commercial world is expanding, women’s financial power is growing, too. Women are expected to control 75% of discretionary spending around the world by 2028, according to Boston Consulting. McKinsey predicts that women globally could gain 20% more jobs by […]

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