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AI-Generated Content Poses Significant Threats To Brand Reputation

Joe Hamman, Director Novus Group, says that with the rise of AI-generated content, reputation management matters now more than ever. At a time when AI-generated content is blurring the lines between what is real and what is fabricated with the capabilities to generate content at scale and influence public opinion, brand reputation management has become more important than ever. While media [...]

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Trends That Will Define The PR And Communications Industry In 2024

As we face large-scale problems like extreme weather events, political unrest and cyber threats, organisations of all sizes and across all sectors are recognising the need for proactive communication strategies. Beki Zondo and Kutloano Makgoro from Serufe outline trends that will be important in the public relations industry for the year.  1. AI-Enhanced Data Analytics In the dynamic realm of public [...]

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Three Major Events That Could Shape Advertising In 2024

According to Leslie Adams, Sales Director at Reach Africa, contextually relevant ads, the attention economy and more eyes on digital may shape South Africa’s advertising landscape in 2024. In a turbulent macro-environment, shifts in consumer behaviour become especially difficult to predict, said Adams. ‘The past few years have been extremely tough on South Africans from a financial standpoint, thanks to the [...]

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A Strong Personal Brand Is An Essential Tool For Professional Growth And Success

Prabashni Reddy, Marketing Manager at Regent Business School, shares insights and strategies to build a strong personal brand in the digital age. The world we live in has become a hyper-connected world, and a strong personal brand is not just a nice-to-have, it’s an essential tool for professional growth and success. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the way we [...]

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Tips For Marketers Looking To Harness The Power Of Gen Z

A crucial element in modern marketing strategies is unlocking the power of Generation Z (Gen Z). Gen Z stands out as a potent force, and according to Keleabetsoe Rammopo, Head Of Strategy at Penquin, understanding and engaging with Gen Z is an essential element of a robust marketing strategy. Gen Z: A Dominant Force in South Africa’s Population Gen Z, defined [...]

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Online Shopping Continues To Gain Traction

When it comes to Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday, which one takes the lead in terms of online sales? The popularity of online shopping continues to gain traction, even though many consumers have returned in-store. The Courier Guy monitored local shipments that took place during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to The Courier Guy, the growth in total shipments [...]

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Content Creator Or Influencer: Who Is Best At Humanising Brands?

Casey Mantle, Head of Chatterbox at 8909 Digital, discusses the difference between content creators and influencers in advertising. An influencer can be a content creator, a content creator can be an influencer, so what’s the difference? Quite a lot, actually. We see influencers as individuals who have the power to affect purchasing decisions and opinions of others because of their authority, [...]

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Sojern Report Explores Effective Marketing Strategies For Engaging Travellers

Based on insights from nearly 300 destination marketing organisations (DMOs,) government departments and affiliated tourism entities worldwide, the State of Destination Marketing 2024 report explores effective marketing strategies for engaging travellers and offers a glimpse into the future of destination marketing. Sojern commissioned this report to ensure its global destination clients have access to the most comprehensive marketing insights. This first-of-its-kind [...]

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How To Ensure Your Corporate Gifting Strategy Is Appropriate

Barron shares tips on how to ensure that your corporate gifting strategy is on point, appropriate and does justice to your intent to thank those important people for their valued support and efforts throughout the year. It’s fast heading into year-end and the season for giving is in full swing. Corporate gifting is a thoughtful way for businesses to express appreciation [...]

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T-Shirt Printing Design Tips

T-shirts are popular because they can be customised to fit each individual’s unique personality and style. T-shirts can also be enhanced with special effects and very creative and eye-catching graphics. When designing printed T-shirts, there are certain things to consider to ensure the perfect result. T-Shirt Printing Design Tips: 1. Imagine your design on a T-shirt and where it will be [...]

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