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Modern Marketing Digital TrendCamp: The Power of Automation

Our Modern Marketing Digital TrendCamp video features Karyn Strobes, Marketing Manager at Everlytic, who discusses the power of automation. The video is live on our YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos on advertising/branding/marketing trends and topics.   Send a 3-4 minute audible video of yourself at home. The video should be about […]

Creating A ‘New Normal’ In SA Media And Advertising

According to Amanda Rogaly, Chief Mommy at the online parenting platform, BabyYumYum, advertising spend is set to decrease significantly both locally and globally in 2020, but there may be a glimmer of hope among the chaos.  Media spend during and post Covid-19 For almost every company, Covid-19 has forced exec teams to bring budgets front […]

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Brands Shifting Focus Towards Digital Channels 

Ed Flower, Chief Commercial Officer at Acceleration, mentions that businesses, from big-brand, high-street retailers, to the personal trainer at the local gym, are needing to deliver their services and products online. Governments and central banks are unleashing radical measures to support economies. That would have seemed unthinkable even during other times of global economic stress […]

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Engaging With Consumers Through Outdoor Advertising In Uncertain Times

With the levelled lockdown that commenced on 1 May, movement has gradually started to return to the outdoor arena, providing Out-of-Home (OOH) media owners and advertisers with new hope.  Remi Du Preez, Commercial Director at Tractor Outdoor, believes that there is a strong need to engage with consumers in uncertain times, and urges brands to […]

Modern Marketing Digital TrendCamp: Embracing Creativity During The Lockdown

Our Modern Marketing Digital TrendCamp video features Pepe Marais, Founder and Group Chief Creative Officer of Joe Public United, whose video highlights embracing and enhancing creativity during the lockdown period. The video is live on our YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos on advertising/branding/marketing trends and topics. Send a 3-4 minute audible video […]

Retailers And Businesses Can Use Digital Signage For Effective Covid-19 Communication

Moving Tactics says several experts are predicting that societies will need to social distance until 2022. How do you get business done in this ‘new’ normal? One solution is using technology, such as digital signage, to overcome the difficulties. On-the-Go content Communicating effectively to customers and staff in-store is essential during a health crisis. Instead […]

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Digital Transformation Can No Longer Be Delayed

Andrew Dabbs, Digital Media Strategist at The MediaShop, says that business has been caught out more than ever before and the companies that held back on their digital transformation may not make it through 2020. But what is digital transformation? They said: ‘there is time’, ‘the investment in technology could be made next year’, that […]

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Nurturing Customer Engagement While Social Distancing

According to Willem S Eksteen, Chief Executive at Stone, this pandemic demands social distancing, so now more than ever, well-thought-out communication engagement is critical to business continuity to connect people and maintain relations.  Everything has changed and what we knew as normal is now different. We foresee new competition and more competition as people reinvent […]

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