A Strong Personal Brand Is An Essential Tool For Professional Growth And Success

Prabashni Reddy, Marketing Manager at Regent Business School, shares insights and strategies to build a strong personal brand in the digital age. The world we live in has become a hyper-connected world, and a strong personal brand is not just a nice-to-have, it’s an essential tool for professional growth and success. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the way we [...]

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Tips For Marketers Looking To Harness The Power Of Gen Z

A crucial element in modern marketing strategies is unlocking the power of Generation Z (Gen Z). Gen Z stands out as a potent force, and according to Keleabetsoe Rammopo, Head Of Strategy at Penquin, understanding and engaging with Gen Z is an essential element of a robust marketing strategy. Gen Z: A Dominant Force in South Africa’s Population Gen Z, defined [...]

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Online Shopping Continues To Gain Traction

When it comes to Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday, which one takes the lead in terms of online sales? The popularity of online shopping continues to gain traction, even though many consumers have returned in-store. The Courier Guy monitored local shipments that took place during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to The Courier Guy, the growth in total shipments [...]

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Retail Industry Trends

Mike Smollan, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer at Smollan, looks at trend developments that are on the radar as the retail industry transformation continues. As per the Edge Global Insights Report 2023, overall, the retail industry this year has navigated the lingering effects of the pandemic, embraced digital transformation, addressed sustainability concerns, and tackled supply chain challenges. That is coupled with [...]

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