Branded Merchandise Connects With Customers

Promotional and corporate gifts are a great way to get your brand name across. They are a cost effective gift for your customers, or prospective customers, and will keep you top of mind. They can also build brand loyalty. According to Barron, ‘unlike a fleeting print advert or social media campaign, branded merchandise has longevity […]

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Static Or Digital Out Of Home Media? It Depends On Your Objectives

Mali Motsumi-Garrido, Sales Director at Tractor Outdoor, says that when it comes to outdoor media, both static out of home (OOH) or digital out of home (DOOH) media can both play a role in your media strategy. Within media circles, you often notice that the average ‘water cooler’ conversation grows somewhat vehement when it comes […]

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What Gaps Does Email Marketing Fill In That Social Media Can’t?

Caleb Shepard, Digital Media Director at The Digital Media Collective, outlines why email should be prioritised when setting out your e-commerce marketing strategy, and why direct ownership of your customer data can empower your brand and increase revenue. Email marketing can yield a more than 4% sales conversion success rate around key sales dates like […]

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Marketing And PR Professionals Can Demonstrate The Connection Between PR And Business Growth

Samantha Hogg-Brandjes, Owner and MD of GinjaNinja, says that PR is the breakthrough marketing tool that delivers. PR can augment what no other marketing tactic can achieve on its own. A marketer with a PR team on their side can communicate business value at scale. A recent independent study in the UK, reveals that 76% […]

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Large Indoor And Outdoor Digital LED Displays Being Showcased At Modern Marketing Expo

Digital media is one of the fastest growing sectors in the marketing and signage industry. Location, environment, compiling the correct content for a target audience and being aware of trends will help users implement a successful digital signage strategy. To reach your targeted audience, a marketing strategy is key. You should also be aware of trends […]

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The Impact Of Threads On Influencer Marketing

According to Casey Mantle, Head of Chatterbox at 8909 Digital, in this fast-paced digital landscape, the impact of influencer marketing is constantly evolving. With the introduction of Threads, a standalone app by Instagram, the landscape has been transformed yet again. This article explores the impact of Threads on influencer marketing and how it is revolutionising […]

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How Do You Ensure That Your Message To Customers Stands Out?

According to David Lichtenstein, CEO of Superhuman Sales, by the end of 2023, the number of emails sent worldwide per day is expected to reach a staggering 347 billion. Globally, over 4.2 billion people, accounting for more than half the world’s population, were active email users in 2022. In the competitive marketing world, one truth […]

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Leading With Purpose Unlocks Potential

Nontokozo Madonsela, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings, addresses how to lead with purpose, using three lessons we can take from the movie, Jerry Maguire. Nearly 30 years after its release in 1996, Jerry Maguire is still one of the most quotable movies of all time. Who can forget, ‘Show me the money’? […]

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