Consumers Make Certain Brand Associations With Specific Smells

Dr Roland Goldberg, a senior lecturer in marketing at the North-West University  states that your wallet is more closely connected to your nose than you might think. One of his fields of expertise is retail atmospherics, which includes scent marketing  ‘I am flabbergasted by retailers who still use outdated forms of marketing like the distribution […]

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Looking At Post-Pandemic Consumer Behaviours

According to HaveYouHeard’s Head of Insights, Claudia Schonitz, there are a number of significant challenges the post-pandemic South African consumer will have to face, noticeably on the financial and mental health fronts. As South Africans are reaching the end of the Government’s pandemic management cycle, it seems as if the post-apocalyptic world is not the […]

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Wavemaker Teenager Report Provides Insights Into Tomorrow’s Trendsetters

Modern Marketing attended the launch of Wavemaker’s Teenage Research Report on 14 October, where Delia Van Staden, Head of Analytics and Insight at Wavemaker, unpacked some valuable insights about the gatekeepers of modern and future trends. The Live Panel Teenager Report is a collaboration project between MediaCom, Mindshare and Wavemaker. Benefitting from the agencies’ experience in […]

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The Loeries Partnerships Uplift Next Generation Of Influential Creatives

The Woolworths and Loeries Student Portfolio showcase is an initiative that aims to reshape work experience in the creative sector to meet the needs of both young people and business. In its second year, the initiative, which is benchmarked against the best programmes of their kind in the world, gives 75 communication and advertising students […]

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Nedbank IMC White Paper Focuses On Future Of Marketing And More

The Nedbank IMC white paper states two rules: everything has changed so change with your customers and stop calling everybody Millennials. These are just the first in a succinct list of rules and highlights outlined in a white paper from the conference, which took place online in July with 1200 delegates. Prepared by Caitlin Ferreira, Senior Lecturer […]

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Excelling In A Retail Environment Post-Pandemic

Todd Szahun, Senior Vice President of the Consulting Division at Kantar, states that this year in retail will be remembered for many things, from empty store shelves and the challenges that physical retail faced to the record growth of e-commerce and the rise of last-mile delivery partners. Consumer behaviour and state government guidelines in response […]

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The Purpose Of A Measurement Framework For Marketers

According to David Alves, Business Director at Acceleration, a measurement framework is a methodology and strategic business exercise to provide a standardised marketing measurement capability that is aligned to commercial and marketing objectives, and that enables a business to make marketing decisions based on data and insights. We are often told that you cannot manage […]

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The Connection Between Cost And A Great Idea

Angelika Kempe, Executive Consultant at Ad Ops, states that digital agencies lend themselves to an output-based or value-based compensation model more than traditional agencies. They have the tools to objectively measure results, which should, in theory, enable them to adjust their fees according to the value they create or their success in meeting the campaign […]

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Targeting And Engaging With Generation Alpha

Lead strategist at Eclipse Communications, Jacki McEwen, explains that the term Generation Alpha was coined by demographer and sociologist, Mark McCrindle, who estimated that 2.5 million Generation Alphas are born globally every week and will account for about two billion of the global population by 2025. Born between 2010 and 2025, the successors of Generation […]

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