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Engaging With Consumers Through Outdoor Advertising In Uncertain Times

With the levelled lockdown that commenced on 1 May, movement has gradually started to return to the outdoor arena, providing Out-of-Home (OOH) media owners and advertisers with new hope.  Remi Du Preez, Commercial Director at Tractor Outdoor, believes that there is a strong need to engage with consumers in uncertain times, and urges brands to […]

Digital Transformation Can No Longer Be Delayed

Andrew Dabbs, Digital Media Strategist at The MediaShop, says that business has been caught out more than ever before and the companies that held back on their digital transformation may not make it through 2020. But what is digital transformation? They said: ‘there is time’, ‘the investment in technology could be made next year’, that […]

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Working Remotely – The New Normal

Amanda Mitton, Head of Talent Acquisition and Talent Magnet, states that while there’s no certainty about when lockdown regulations will be relaxed, the reality is that the coronavirus is likely to be with us for a long time ahead, with the allied need for social distancing measures continuing to be encouraged. As such, it’s highly […]

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Tips For Hosting Online Events

Brad Hook from Mann Made says online events will be around for a while, and if the innovations and releases we have seen just over the last month are anything to go by, the space will become increasingly exciting. Brands, agencies and event managers that embrace the strategic opportunities these platforms have to offer will […]

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Securing The Future Of Your Brand

Jaco Lintvelt, managing director of Dentsu Data Labs SSA, asks readers to imagine this scenario: after the Covid-19 pandemic is over, your brand is worthless and you have fewer consumers – not because of the impact of the virus, but because your brand’s efforts were more focused on profits than people during a time when […]

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Vantage Digital Assists With COVID-19 Awareness Billboards Campaign

Vantage Digital, together with Face First Media, Outsmart, SB Outdoor, Go Big Media, Ad Outpost, Kenna Media, Black Media, Jinja Outdoor, Mamela Media, Absolute Outdoor, Mhambi Properties, Rivoni Advertising and Lerfam Media launched a series of billboards that communicate COVID-19 media awareness messages to the masses. Over 2500 square meters were printed for this campaign. […]

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Wordstream Releases State Of Internet Marketing Agency Report

Kristen McCormick, content marketing manager at ThriveHive, states in her report on Wordstream, that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing so many shifts, it’s more important than ever for agencies to have visibility into the larger pay-per-click (PPC) and digital marketing landscape. This year, they opened the survey up to even more agencies for even stronger […]

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Ensuring Your Company’s Data Is Secure During Lockdown

According to Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum, many companies have shut their doors during the lockdown time, while others have implemented work from home strategies to maintain their operations and meet their customer’s needs. Whether employees are working from home or the office, customers expect them to keep their data secure at all […]

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Reimagining Innovation And Creativity In The Time Of The Coronavirus

According to Shaune Jordaan, CEO of Hoorah Digital, the internet and social media, which make information readily available in a scenario completely at odds with our reality 25 years ago, are meanwhile feeding rather than quelling the global state of panic. Coronavirus is, arguably, like nothing we’ve experienced in recent history. It’s both remarkable and […]

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