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Developed Countries Outsourcing To South African Marketing Agencies – A New Trend

More and more companies from developed countries are outsourcing to South African marketing agencies to run their campaigns, due to tightening margins from competition and the increasing cost of employing local talent, says Justin Lester, owner of Ruby Digital and co-founder of Smart Marketing Podcast. The biggest digital marketing trend we’ve seen recently is a shift […]

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Media And Communication Experts Need To Set The Narrative For What Works In SA

Chris Botha, Group Managing Director of Park Advertising, says it’s the time of year where everyone can tell you how many weeks, days, minutes and seconds there are left until they go on holiday. It is human nature to ‘look forward’ to a better tomorrow. There is something quite natural about it. Our beloved country has […]

Loeries Releases 2019 Official Rankings

Since 2010, the Loeries Official Rankings have offered a comprehensive overview of the annual performance across the brand communications industry throughout Africa and the Middle East. The rankings list the top brands and agencies, as well as specialist focus areas and individual performance in key areas. The Loeries Official Rankings is a useful and independent […]

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2020 Graphic Design Trends

Tribe Leader of One Lady & A Tribe – Sheila McGillivray – thinks of graphic design as the corporate sister of art and says great design always flies a bold brand flag, telling the consumer it is unique and trustworthy. She discusses five graphic design trends she predicts seeing more of in 2020. 1. Break-the-rules palettes […]

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Maximising The Mix Of Marketing Channels For Your Online Store

The challenge of channel allocation is often exacerbated for smaller clients because they can often only afford to run marketing tests in selected channels and only on a small portion of inventory available within those channels, states Raymond Smit, Head of Paid Search at Reprise Digital South Africa. Advertisers are spoilt for choice when it […]

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Customer Behaviour: Convenience Vs Brand Loyalty

Richard Mullins, Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Acceleration, says with the ability to browse, compare and order with a few swipes and taps, consumers are becoming trained to value convenience and service above nearly anything else. What motivates them is not how much they love the brand of a retailer, service […]

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Implications Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution On Advertising And Media

Let’s first go back in time to the late 1700’s/early 1800’s, where the first Industrial Revolution brought us advances in textile manufacturing and the innovation of the steam train. A few decades later into the end of the 18th century, we entered the second Industrial Revolution that introduced steel production, the automobile and electricity, says Claire […]

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2020 Digital Landscape Trends

According to Hoorah Digital CEO, Shaune Jordaan – understanding which metrics matter to your business is more crucial than ever before. When brands and businesses are monitoring the metrics that align to their commercial goals, it becomes significantly easier to gain traction in the digital space and realise opportunities for growth.  Analytics are the competitive […]

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The Matchmaking Model In Agency Selection

Marketing directors know the drill: every three to five years, they start a formal tender process to choose new marketing service providers. Often, they do so under the watch of an internal procurement team that is under massive pressure, due to a lack of both resources and insight, stated Angelika Kempe, Executive Consultant at AdOps. […]

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