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On-Site Agencies Create Dynamic Brand Value And Engagement

According to Oliver South Africa, on-site agencies save considerable time for clients around briefing, raising POs and other project demands. There are also the cost and time efficiencies gleaned from a single in-house agency, as opposed to managing multiple smaller content or digital agencies. In-house agencies are returning to the inner shrines of companies. Several major […]

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Survey Shows 46% Of SMMEs In SA Carry Out Consistent Marketing Campaigns

Firejuice Marketing conducted a survey aimed at exploring how small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME) in South Africa carry out marketing plans. 100% of the surveyed businesses believe in marketing as an effective tool, however, only 46% carry out consistent marketing campaigns.  The questionnaire answered by individuals in key decision-making positions in the SMME sector […]

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Developing Customer Centric Strategy Through Automation

Paula Sartini, founder and CEO of BrandQuantum, says that to be successful today, companies need to develop a customer-centric strategy that is built from the customer’s perspective and designed to meet their needs.  With tech-savvy customers, companies are adopting technology solutions that aim to delight their customers and enhance customer experiences. According to the 2019 […]

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Meeting Consumer Demands Through Better Experiences In Retail

Margarita Karvouniaris, Marketing Manager for Game South Africa, looks at the evolving retail landscape and how consumers are highly tech-savvy, placing increasing demands on brands and services.  With that comes the critical importance of a truly meaningful, personalised customer experience for shoppers, which ultimately fuels the retail environment of the future. What can retailers do to […]

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First Modern Marketing Expo A Great Success

The first Modern Marketing Expo, co-located with Sign Africa, FESPA Africa, Africa Print and Africa LED, and which was held last week at Gallagher Convention Centre, attracted 6850 visitors in total, with 5923 unique visitors and 927 revisits.  The expo was an opportunity to see the most innovative promotional, display and marketing products. Visitors got […]

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Calling All Creatives: Start A Design Riot With The Roland Design Competition

Roland needs your art for their latest design competition, where it will be used to create a positive and more upbeat society over the coming year. The design competition is open to any artist. Creatives have until midnight on 8 September to submit their designs.  The company is offering R50,000 for you to light your fellow […]

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The Power Of Consumerism And Socio-Economic Behavioural Change

Matshidiso Madikoane-Mbele, Chief Executive Officer at Kwambele Social Marketing, mentions that social media has become an undeniable influence in the way content centred around products and services is being consumed. Moreover, it has provided a podium for individuals and collectives to voice out, regardless of which corner of the world they come from. This voice […]

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The Challenge Of Keeping Up With New Digital Technology Trends And Platforms

Gareth Hawkey, Group CEO, redPanda Software, states that integration is a really big worry and instead of merely implementing once-off development projects, businesses now need long-term strategies and engagements to ensure that the best solution is developed and that it creates synergies with existing processes. This is the real key to future-proofing your business. Global […]

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Experience An Explosion Of Marketing, Advertising and Branding Possibilities At The #ModernMarketingTrendCamp

The #ModernMarketingTrendCamp is a two-day conference set to take place on 11 and 12 September 2019 at the Gallagher Convention Centre alongside the first Modern Marketing Expo. At the Trend Camp, industry experts will cover branding, new-age marketing, technology and campaigns across the branding, advertising and marketing industries.  Speaker line-up: Wednesday, 11 September 2019 9:30 – […]

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