2023 Will Be A Watershed Year For Influencer Marketing

Founder of Hustle Media, Cindy Laufs, predicts that 2023 will be a watershed year for influencer marketing and that businesses that don’t recognise its potential will be left in the dust. Influencer marketing has become essential for brands to make their mark in the increasingly competitive digital sphere. Brands everywhere are clamouring for consumers’ attention, and consumers are looking for authentic [...]

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Use Algorithms To Create Streamlined And Highly-Effective Social Campaigns

Zubeida Goolam, co-founder and chief creative officer of at Valiant, said the changes made to social media algorithms in the past couple of years have made many brands rethink their content strategies. Instead of the accustomed chronological order, user feeds were now recalibrated to highlight ‘generally engaged with’ posts. Facebook’s pledge to put ‘friends and […]

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Twitter’s Latest Product Offering And Its Implications For Brands

Kgavgelo Masenya, Media Planner at The MediaShop, discusses Twitter’s subscription model and wonders what would make people spend hard-earned money on tweets and where it will leave the advertising audience. Admittedly, I am quite passive when it comes to Twitter, occasionally logging on just to stay in touch with what is happening. But for many […]

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