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Media And Communication Experts Need To Set The Narrative For What Works In SA

Chris Botha, Group Managing Director of Park Advertising, says it’s the time of year where everyone can tell you how many weeks, days, minutes and seconds there are left until they go on holiday. It is human nature to ‘look forward’ to a better tomorrow. There is something quite natural about it. Our beloved country has […]

Synergising Technologies For The Survival Of Your Business During 4IR

Noah Khan, Regional President of Digital and Innovation for Central East Europe, Middle East and Africa at TBWA and Digital Arts Network (DAN), suggests that rather than having a pessimistic attitude to new technologies, we need to instead get a grip on understanding all the moving parts and then look for synergies and the opportunities they […]

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SheSays Cape Town Partners With Kantar For Gender Representation In Advertising And Marketing Survey

Women empowerment, gender representation and diversity are some of the key issues that have been trending recently and many brands and companies have joined the movement. SheSays Cape Town has partnered with Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, to conduct the first-ever gender diversity survey in South Africa’s advertising and marketing sector.  […]

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Evolve Your Brand Services And Be Appealing To Tech-Savvy Customers

According to BrandQuantum, customers are become increasingly tech-savvy and have access to brands across a global marketplace. To compete in this market, brands have to evolve to meet customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. Technology is imperative to connect with customers, improve experiences and drive customer loyalty. The global marketplace does not restrict customers to […]

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Seven Tips For Brands To Dominate The Retail Space For Black Friday

Cindy Diamond, Group Sales Director at Mediamark, states that recent surveys conducted separately by Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio revealed similar learnings, with an overwhelming number of participants (75% +) stating that they actively engage in shopping on Black Friday either in-store or online.  These audience surveys disclosed that the most popular Black Friday shopping […]

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Instagram Shifting Focus From Likes To Content Is Great For Brands And Influencers

Instagram is currently testing hiding post likes in seven countries. The new test feature allows you to see who liked your posts, but no-one else will be able to. Nfluential founder and Chief Strategist Anne Dolinscheck shares her thoughts on this. In a Twitter thread, Instagram said that they wanted users to focus on photos and videos, not the number of likes. [...]

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WordStream Gives Tips On Google And Facebook Ads Optimisation

WordStream recently hosted a webinar in which Conor Bond, Content marketer at WordStream, focused on Google Ads and Holly Niemiec, Account Manager at WordStream, discussed Facebook Ads optimisation. Google Ads Align your messaging with the customer journey Adverts on Google are triggered by search query, therefore advertisers who are targeting a keyword that matches to the query get a hit. Keywords [...]

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Social Media Is Decreasing Brand Relevance

According to Estelle Nagel, Marketing Manager: Gumtree SA, when social media first hit the radar of marketers, the possibilities seemed endless. Finally, marketing would be a true two-way conversation. Instead of speaking at consumers, marketers would speak with them. Advertisers praised the ability to narrowly target groups based on their interests and customer service embraced the new, instant channel (perhaps a [...]

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