Home-Based Working Can Be Tricky For Creatives

Havas Southern Africa Chief Creative Officer, John Davenport, discusses ways that creatives can survive Working From Home (WFH). Although the nature of work and productivity is an area into which there has been a huge amount of research (because it is a lucrative area for academics to study) there has been very little research into home-based […]

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Reinventing Brands To Be More Purpose-Led

According to Arisha Saroop, Managing Director of The MediaShop Durban, the Covid-19 crisis has left its mark on virtually every single industry around the world and on all levels from a social, health and economic perspective. As some economies ground to a halt and others are still recovering from imposed lockdowns, brands, like individuals, are […]

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Immersive Digital Experiences Create Love For Brands

Yaw Dwomoh, Chief Executive Officer at Idea Hive, states that with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and gamification, we are able to create multi-sensory experiences that evoke those same powerful emotions that make us essentially human. Our first experiences define us: the first kiss, our first day at school, the first broken arm, baby’s first smile […]

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Data Gives Relevance To Creative, While Creative Brings ‘Life’ And Personality To Data

According to Shaune Jordaan, Hoorah Digital CEO, personalisation, measurement and similar digital capabilities are the savvy marketer’s best defence against the clutter and the noise, allowing for the prioritisation of the customer experience (CX).  Brand and customer loyalty, once the currency in which great advertisers and marketers traded, is on the decline worldwide. Today, consumers […]

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Industry Interview: Mpume Ngobese On Her Journey To Heading A Digital Specialist Agency

In our exclusive Modern Marketing Industry Interview series, Managing Director of Joe Public Connect, Mpume Ngobese, discusses how her career in publishing inspired her switch to communication and advertising, which landed her in a leadership role working with creatives and executing successful purpose-driven ad campaigns. Early life Ngobese studied a Bcom Honours Degree with her […]

Modern Marketing Launches LIVE Platform For The Latest Digital Industry Trends And Content

Keeping up with the global trend of being agile and maximising online technologies, Modern Marketing’s new interactive and LIVE online platform will allow audiences to experience product launches, webinars, events, video tutorials and the latest industry trends from the comfort of their personal spaces. The LIVE Platform will feature interactive content across different online platforms […]

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Creating A ‘New Normal’ In SA Media And Advertising

According to Amanda Rogaly, Chief Mommy at the online parenting platform, BabyYumYum, advertising spend is set to decrease significantly both locally and globally in 2020, but there may be a glimmer of hope among the chaos.  Media spend during and post Covid-19 For almost every company, Covid-19 has forced exec teams to bring budgets front […]

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Timeless Brand Tactics To Survive The Current Advertising Climate And Beyond

Wayne Flemming, Founder and Managing Director of Brandtruth//DGTL, states that with the landscape of Covid-19 in South Africa changing daily, there are three timeless tactics that any brand can use to survive both in the current advertising climate, as well as afterwards. While short-term goals are easily interchangeable, they must still feed into the overall […]

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Reimagining Innovation And Creativity In The Time Of The Coronavirus

According to Shaune Jordaan, CEO of Hoorah Digital, the internet and social media, which make information readily available in a scenario completely at odds with our reality 25 years ago, are meanwhile feeding rather than quelling the global state of panic. Coronavirus is, arguably, like nothing we’ve experienced in recent history. It’s both remarkable and […]

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