Brands Need To Stay Relevant And Part Of Their Consumers’ Lives

Brands have the responsibility to consider more than just their businesses, they need to also consider their communities, cities, people and every element that they, directly and indirectly, impact, says Sindiswa Masuta, Strategy Business Director at Grey Advertising. Covid-19 has brought about the notion of people working together for the greater good, rather than a […]

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Use The Right Tools To Understand How Different Channels Lead To Conversion

Grant Lapping, Managing Director at DataCore Media, says it is easy to fixate on the wrong data, to misinterpret what the data means, or to use the wrong tools for the job. Marketers know that a customer’s journey from their first exposure to the brand to a conversion event will generally involve a number of touchpoints […]

Demonstrating Care Is An Important Human And Consumer Insight

Megan Walker, Senior Media Strategist at The MediaShop, says the new ‘socially distanced’ way of working and being away from our colleagues can make us feel lonely. But on the flip side, history tells us that society can be socially cohesive in times of crisis. By encouraging us to think less about our own interests and […]

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Now Is The Perfect Opportunity For Brands To Truly Engage With The Youth

In the past few years, young people lived in the moment and it was all about experiences. Now, the lockdown has given them time to reflect on what is more important, making them ultra-intentional about their choices, states Ronen Aires, Founder and CEO of Student Village. Brands need to be on board with supporting youth, […]

Tips On Offering Exceptional Customer Experience

Saskia Schuldig, PR Officer at 1-grid, and 1-grid CEO, Thomas Vollrath, share tips on how you can differentiate yourself through offering an exceptional customer experience. Understand who the customer is To provide solutions to your customers, you need to understand them and their businesses. Take the time to learn about the business, the industry and […]

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Precision Marketing Through User-Generated Content

According to Nonhlanhla Koza, Business Partner at Oliver South Africa, just as businesses are no longer just selling products, or differentiating on price, customers are no longer buying products or solutions; instead, they are buying experiences or expertise. They are looking for service providers and suppliers that can pay attention to (and fix) the pain […]

Best UI And UX Tools For Designing A Website Or App

Bluegrass Digital CEO Nick Durrant says it takes a number of engagements to reach a final design. Additionally, preparing wireframes and mock-ups consumes a tremendous amount of time and also requires a lot of back and forth between designers and clients. Driving customer engagement through user experience (UX) is critical in today’s highly competitive business […]

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