Businesses Need To Keep Up With Empowered And Digitally-Savvy Customers

Futures Strategist, John Sanei, says that traditionally the customer/business interaction was more about value exchange and less about establishing and retaining a long-term relationship. But, for the first time in our recent history, Covid-19 has forced corporates to shift their attention from the bottom line to retaining customers. Without a customer who trusts you, as many companies have discovered, you no [...]

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Now Is The Ideal Time To Showcase Your Client Service Abilities

Jedd Cokayne, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop, says: ‘I am in my element now that we are starting to get a steady flow of professional sports on the box – I end up watching anything and everything that is thrown at me. I even watched the World Snooker Championships that surprisingly made for riveting […]

Marketers Should Embrace The Potential Of New Technologies And Champion Data-Driven Insights

Haydn Townsend, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive Africa, says an experience renaissance is afoot. Customers were already expecting more from brands, but now they are demanding it. The consumer behaviour shifts we are seeing today are not a blip and are likely to stay with us for a long time. Some have been in motion […]

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Why Self-Service Matters For Customers

Greg Gatherer, Account Manager at Liferay, says strategic customer experience leaders recognise that customer-facing solutions, like web portals, must include self-service elements to be a truly effective and valuable tool. In fact, research shows that 69% of consumers first try to resolve their issue on their own, showing just how important self-service is. Additionally, Gartner […]

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Products Become Brands When Consistency Is Ensured

According to Johan Kruger, Head of Context at Consulta, a brand promise happens on a subconscious level when someone or something becomes trusted by consistently delivering a good experience. It happens repeatedly, creating the expectation – even if on a sub-conscious level – that it will always be so. This branded experience happens spontaneously and is […]

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Understanding A Customer Helps To Deliver Tailor-Made Customer Experiences

Candice Lee Reeves, senior digital copywriter at Everlytic, states that unless you understand who your customers are and what they really want, you will have a difficult time knowing how to give them an experience that brings them joy. Start by creating client personas for the types of clients you work with. You can also run […]

Addressing Consumers’ Rising Brand Expectations

According to Haydn Townsend, Managing Director for Accenture Interactive in Africa, alongside emphasis on hygiene and handwashing, people are seeking fitness classes online and returning to the weekly ‘big shop’ for the first time in years. People’s expectations of businesses and brands are rising – working out the implications will be critical to businesses’ survival. […]

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Customers Now Influence And Control The Narrative

Content creator and digital strategist, Shaheer Lala, states that social media has significantly shifted the power of influence and control of the narrative towards customers, who can now consume and produce content simultaneously for brands. Trust has shifted, and while brick-and-mortar stores benefit from the physical practicability, word-of-mouth has never been more vital.  Given the […]

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Marketers Should Embrace The Inclusion Revolution

Nicky Brand, Senior Business Consultant at Acceleration, a Wunderman Thompson company, says given that 70% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that are inclusive, marketers are embracing the ‘inclusion revolution’ by means of ad campaigns, social content and CSI initiatives. While this helps normalise disability, very few organisations are engaged in evolving their products […]

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