A Social Marketing Plan That Considers All Options Is A Lifeline To Brands

Wayne Flemming, founder and Managing Director at Brandtruth//DGTL says that the internet lasts forever, but can your brand’s reputation? To be present online, one must plan well and be equipped with a solid risk register to deal with any potential reputational damage that could occur. Today, almost everyone’s a critic, complete with an unfiltered opinion. […]

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Free Things You Can Implement To Get On The First Page Of A Search Engine

Kristen McCormick, Content Marketing Manager at WordStream, states that the first page of Google might seem like an unrealistic goal for your small business. But with Google’s superior calibre of topic and location recognition, it is actually more possible than ever for small and local businesses to rank at the top of search results – and […]

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Effective Adoption Of Digital Media Technologies Will Unlock Value

According to Accenture, local content alone will not be enough to stimulate more growth in the South African media market. The local media industry needs to evolve at a similar pace to the global industry, investing in digital capabilities and infrastructure, or risk being left behind. Additionally, significant network and infrastructure improvements are required to […]

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The Value Of A Like In Social Media Marketing

Charlotte Fafa MacAuley, digital campaign manager at Dentsu Aegis Network Ghana, says: a ‘like’ on social media feeds the internal vanity monster, hiding in the insecure recesses of self, and delivers an infusion of dopamine that boosts confidence and adds a little excitement to an otherwise dull day. In 2017, the internet served up a popular […]

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Email Opens Have Increased During Lockdown

JanDirk Engelbrecht, Managing Director at Everlytic, states that while consumers are already feeling the economic pain induced by COVID-19, their day to day needs are unlikely to change much. However, for marketers, the brand conversations and value propositions placed before them must be adjusted and tailored. By leveraging smart digital messaging tools and data-driven insights […]

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