Retailers Should Build A Unified Customer Engagement Strategy To Boost Brand Loyalty

According to data from Salesforce’s Q1 Shopping Index, the digital commerce market has grown globally at a rate of 58% in the last year. This is largely because of the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on consumer behaviour. Robbie Kearns, Senior Vice President at Salesforce, sets out three ways in which retailers can begin to […]

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Retailers Need To Consider The Quality Of The Entire Shopper Journey

Across the globe online sales have surged, while locally online transactions on Black Friday alone grew by more than 60%. A recent study released by Mastercard found that 68% of South Africans are shopping more online since the beginning of last year. Consumers are embracing the e-commerce experience in growing numbers and corporate South Africa […]

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Online Shopping Platforms Need To Meet The Expectations Of Customers

A study conducted by research and insights company BMi Research in 2020 surveyed six online e-commerce stores, with each store evaluated by 10 experienced online mystery shoppers. The study has shown that online retailers continue to face challenges that undermine the customer experience. These challenges include ensuring sufficient stock, transaction and delivery issues and unclear […]

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Creating Unique Ways To Involve Shopping Mall Tenants In Marketing Strategies

According to Amanda Rabinowitz-Muller, director and founder of JellyBean Concept Events, shopping mall marketing teams, together with events agencies, are creating new and unique ways to involve tenants in their marketing strategies. Interactive storefronts  Vacant stores are on the rise and it’s a leasing managers nightmare to keep these stores from looking empty. Instead of incurring […]

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Retail Tech Playing A Key Role In Customer Experiences

According to Kenne Loubser, Head of Marketing at Payflex, the unprecedented digital disruption experienced in retail last year has made the industry increasingly digital and internet-driven, with technology playing a key role in providing experiences in line with customers’ needs. Agility, flexibility and rich online shopping experiences are set to be among the key trends driving […]

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Brands That Leveraged Black Friday To Build On Equity And Popularity

VMLY&R South Africa’s Dono White, Strategic Lead, and Head of Data, Mike Pearse, measured the brand equity of over 90 local brands using the agency’s new Equity Edge tool. This report reveals their findings on which brands leveraged Black Friday to build on equity and popularity.  While many brands follow the crowd in joining the […]

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OneDayOnly Unpacks E-Commerce Trends And Online Shopping Consumer Behaviour

Modern Marketing attended the virtual launch of the OneDayOnly annual commerce Odometer – which is released to better understand South Africa’s online consumer behaviour behind the rapidly expanding local e‐tailer sector. The annual index was conducted among 5806 OneDayOnly shoppers. The South African e‐commerce industry has experienced a massive boom in 2020. Accelerated by the […]

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E-Commerce Design Trends Are Leaning Towards Personalisation

Attic Rush discusses their top five design trends for e-commerce development for 2020 and 2021. Online shopping habits are constantly evolving, so it is no surprise that e-commerce design trends are evolving along with them. 1. Emphasis on data The use of ‘big data’ is helping some e-commerce sites stay one step ahead of the game. Big […]

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Use The Right Tools To Understand How Different Channels Lead To Conversion

Grant Lapping, Managing Director at DataCore Media, says it is easy to fixate on the wrong data, to misinterpret what the data means, or to use the wrong tools for the job. Marketers know that a customer’s journey from their first exposure to the brand to a conversion event will generally involve a number of touchpoints […]

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Festive Season Considerations For Retailers And Brands

Mike Smollan, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer, Smollan, observed that from consumers wanting brands to speak the truth and ‘be in touch with reality’, to online shopping being the new normal, the pressure remains on brands and retailers to maximise this final Golden Quarter of 2020 as the effects of the pandemic continue to be […]

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