Consumer Pulse Research Shows Increase In Online Shopping

According to new Consumer Pulse research from Growth from Knowledge (GfK) South Africa the behaviours and sentiment of online consumers during the Level 3 lockdown have increased. South African consumers look set to accelerate their journey towards online shopping beyond the pandemic as they stay in to enjoy the investments they have made in their […]

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Consumer Pulse Research Reveals SA Consumers’ Concerns During Covid-19

Rachel Thompson, Insights Director at GfK South Africa, states that around 86% of respondents said they were extremely concerned about unemployment compared to 80% in GfK’s survey during the Level 5 lockdown. By comparison, 66% said they were extremely worried about Covid-19, down from 80% in Level 5, when the coronavirus was their top concern. […]

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Prevalent Patterns During Different Levels And After Lockdown

Many South Africans are wondering what life will look like after lockdown. 1-Grid CEO and industry expert, Thomas Vollrath, says that one of the most prominent outcomes of lockdown has been the emergence of working from home. This has introduced an opportunity for businesses to develop hybrid working strategies whereby employees are able to work remotely and […]

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Repositioning Your Brand To Meet Newly Forming Digital Habits

The Coronavirus has shaken up our assumptions and forced us to work, shop, consume media and interact with others in new ways. Whether brands like it or not, that means customers are re-evaluating many of their entrenched purchasing preferences, according to Hemant Harie, managing director at Gabsten Technologies. And right now, we’re collectively going through a […]

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Retail Industry Needs Consistent CX Across All Channels

According to Grant Lapping, Managing Director at DataCore Media, the retail industry is becoming increasingly critical when it comes to delivering tailored offerings that meet the needs and interests of individuals. A blanket approach to marketing is simply no longer sufficient. The retail industry faces the challenge of delivering a consistent customer experience (CX) across […]

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Future-Proofing Your Business Against Uncertain Times

According to Wunderman Thompson Commerce, the closure of in-store operations has already sparked a sudden surge of interest in digital commerce. From the smallest corner shops to the biggest global brands, retailers are looking for ways to keep trading despite their doors being shut. Tips to maintain customer and website traffic and online conversions: Communication […]

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Retail Industry Tips For Adjusting Ad Strategy During Disruption

Facebook has tips for helping retail owners connect with their customers and keep their businesses on track whether the businesses are temporarily closed, slow or growing. Here are some recommendations based on the status of your business: 1. Business temporarily closed • Consider taking your retail shop online with your own website. Set up a Facebook […]

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Retailers And Businesses Can Use Digital Signage For Effective Covid-19 Communication

Moving Tactics says several experts are predicting that societies will need to social distance until 2022. How do you get business done in this ‘new’ normal? One solution is using technology, such as digital signage, to overcome the difficulties. On-the-Go content Communicating effectively to customers and staff in-store is essential during a health crisis. Instead […]

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Blockchain’s Potential Benefits For The Retail Industry

According to the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC), the secret of Blockchain is provenance: it shows, in a tamper-proof manner, exactly where the product or service originated and what processes it went through. One can almost call it a digital hallmark. Like all the disruptive technologies that have upset the corporate applecart, Blockchain […]

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The Evolving Retail Consumer

According to the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC), we must create products and experiences with and for specific consumer audiences if we want them to become loyal customers. Gone are the days when we could say, ‘Advertise it and they will come’. That’s because consumer behaviour has undergone a huge transformation in an […]

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