Brands Should Use Data To Humanise Customer Relationships

Haydn Townsend, managing director of Accenture Interactive, says the push and pull between consumers’ desire to be known and their wish for privacy has increasingly become an issue for brands. Leading brands are now using data to humanise their customer relationships while learning where to draw the line between invasive and inventive. Many consumers feel brands […]

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Fuel Forecourt Retailers Can Survive Disruption By Embracing Data-Driven Innovation

According to Nishal Nair, Managing Director within the Resources Practice at Accenture in Africa, fuel forecourt retailers or convenience shops are highly vulnerable to disruption. Although their operations have always provided a convenience-driven competitive advantage, they now have a lot more to grapple with. South African consumers are more tech-savvy and time-strapped, demanding greater relevance […]

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Local Media Organisations Need To Evolve To Keep Up With Global Competition

Roman Magis, Principal Director of Video, Advertising and Content for Accenture Africa, states that the world has experienced enormous disruption in the broadcasting arena. As newer and more innovative technologies change how content is created, distributed and consumed, the entry of global players is threatening the local South African market share and compelling local media […]

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