Strategically Using Data To Optimise Customer Experience

Inovo CEO Wynand Smit says detailed analytics, which is only possible with good data, can drive efficiencies throughout the business. Optimising customer experience (CX) by leveraging emerging and new technology results in a host of positive spin-offs for businesses but it must be approached in a methodical and strategic manner. Every intervention or technology application relies […]

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Great Customer Experience Entices Millennials’ Appetites For Brands

Pieter De Villiers, pre-sales engineer, Inovo, says that to engage with millennials, brands must weave seamless experiences across digital platforms and multiple channels. Millennials want simplicity and authenticity when it comes to brand interaction and engagement. They are the generation that will do their banking on their mobile device while they wait in the queue […]

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CX, Customer Identification And Online Sales

Physical traits (such as vocal tract dimensions) combined with harmonics and speech patterns create a unique digital pattern or voiceprint that is then used to identify a customer stated Gerrit de Villiers, Presales Manager Inovo. Although there are other benefits (such as enhanced CX through quicker customer identification), this technology has been primarily used to […]

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