Increasing Intrinsic Incentives Creates True Customer Loyalty

Glenn Gillis, CEO of Sea Monster, says the problem with most loyalty programmes is that they are better categorised as rewards programmes. These are built around the concept of extrinsic incentives or, more simply, the external reasons or rewards that motivate the buyer. For example, a shopper would collect points for making a purchase and […]

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How To Unblock Your Marketing Campaigns From Ad-Blockers

Desiree Gullan, co-founder and executive creative director of G&G Digital, says ad-blockers present marketing professionals with a new challenge of how to break through the digital wall. One of the ways to do so is by crafting a digital strategy that speaks to modern generations, while resonating with the needs of older generations. What we […]

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Marketing Automation Should Be A Central Aspect Of Any Digital Transformation

Engagement Factory says digital transformation is much more than merely buying IT tools and hoping they work. It is about buying the right digital capabilities, supporting your team in learning the right skills and changing the processes along the way. One of the most essential digital capabilities you can invest in is marketing automation, and […]

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A Good Value Proposition Knows Its Target Market

Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager – MEA, Zoho Corp, says the ‘headline’ section of a website should carry your business’s value proposition. How well you communicate the core value and qualities of your product or service here will make the visitor want to keep scrolling, learn more about you and ultimately choose you over other competitors. Your […]

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The Youth Are Most Likely To Follow Brands That Have A Strong Digital Presence

Khethi Ngwenya, CEO of SchoolMedia, says Covid-19 has changed the way in which brands communicate with their target market. When it comes to youth marketing, it is important to look at what unites us during this time, even with social distancing. The reality is that with people having to be in isolation, most of the […]

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Email Marketing Delivers Results And Influences Buying Decisions

According to InsideData, if you were considering removing email as a touchpoint in your communication journey, think again. Email marketing not only enables you to stay connected with your customers, but also influence their sale decisions. According to Hubspot’s latest statistics, email generates an astounding 3800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options […]

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Public Relations A Crucial Element In Brand Communication During A Pandemic

According to Obren Msuku, Managing Director of Msuku Media, the big strategic question as we enter 2021 surely must be not how to slash all costs, but how to optimise spend in areas that help the business survive the current crisis while still positioning itself for future growth. Within the realm of brand communication, public […]

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The Transformational Role Of Marketing Leaders In Times Of Crisis

According to Samrat Sharma, John Rolston and Tom Birtwhistle from strategy+business (a PwC division), long before the novel coronavirus paralysed businesses globally, the chief marketing officer’s (CMO) role was evolving in scope, focus and sometimes name. New titles such as chief growth officer and chief customer officer emerged to reflect the redefined, more transformational role of […]

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Measuring The Lifetime Value Of Customers Through Marketing

Grant Lapping, MD at DataCore Media, suggests that companies should be moving towards measuring the lifetime value of the customers they convert through their digital campaigns and channels. This is easier said than done because it demands that digital agencies look beyond digital campaign data and also draw on company-owned insights about their customer base. […]

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