Hyper-Personalisation Is A Key Tool In Delivering Customised Content

Candice Lee Reeves, Senior Digital Copywriter at Everlytic, asks: how do you personalise and deliver customised content to a large, broad and varied customer base? In today’s ‘noisy’ online sphere, the best way to differentiate a business is by delivering a personalised experience – the first rule of marketing is knowing your audience, after all. […]

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Tips For Influencers To Package Themselves Better For Marketing Campaigns

TT Ndhlovu, Founder and Director of NuWave Communications, states that marketers have grown to understand influencer marketing very well and can be rightfully finicky when having to select influencers to work on a brand campaign. It’s pivotal for influencers to know this in order to package themselves in a way that is fitting to this criterion […]

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The Use And Diversification Of Social Media Platforms

Research conducted by eMarketers indicates a sharp increase in social media usage, particularly TikTok and Facebook, states Stephanie Mashigo, Eclipse Communications’ Social Media Manager. While this spike is expected to drop once lockdown measures continue to be lifted, features such as live streaming, video chat and gaming will undoubtedly be around for significantly longer. The […]

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Taking Marketing From Evolution To Execution

According to Haydn Townsend, Managing Director for Accenture Interactive in Africa, the way customers experience and engage with brands today is very different. To successfully take marketing from evolution to execution requires us to start thinking and doing things differently. Globally, executives have woken up to the fact that we now find ourselves in an […]

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Keeping Brands Relevant For The Next Normal

Kelly Moses, Regional Communications Manager at Dentsu Aegis Network SSA, states that the moves to different Levels of the Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa will create a dramatic shift in operations across local industries. The physical movements of consumers will start changing again and the way they interact with brands will continue to evolve. Marketers are […]

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Brands Should Consider Partnerships To Generate Value And Remain Relevant

With this life-changing Covid-19 event being faced globally, many economies are suffering a downturn, which has a ripple effect on consumer spend and, therefore, on brands. Brands should use this opportunity to find different ways of engaging their buyers as consumer behaviour changes, states Sindiswa Masuta, Strategy Business Director at Grey Advertising Africa. During this […]

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Reimagining Market Segments

According to Stuart Walsh, Head of Strategy at Grey Advertising Africa, a market segment is not a group that just shares similar demographics; it is a group of consumers who think, behave, or respond in similar ways to similar events or stimuli. For it to be useful, a segmentation scheme must meet two simple criteria: 1. […]

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Marketers Can Add Value With Webinars

Michael Gullan, co-founder and Managing Director of G&G Digital, states that while adjusting to a new way of working, businesses are embracing technology and employees are learning new skills, as they look at digital tools and platforms to stay connected and productive. The Covid-19 pandemic forced millions of people around the world into lockdown and […]

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Reworking Your Ad Spend During Covid-19

According to Mark Irvine, director of strategic partnerships at WordStream, running even limited ads now can help make re-opening more successful. As you prepare to ramp up your business, you need to ramp up your marketing in advance to make a splash on day one. The question of when to start advertising online again seems […]

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