Nurturing Customer Engagement While Social Distancing

According to Willem S Eksteen, Chief Executive at Stone, this pandemic demands social distancing, so now more than ever, well-thought-out communication engagement is critical to business continuity to connect people and maintain relations.  Everything has changed and what we knew as normal is now different. We foresee new competition and more competition as people reinvent […]

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Timeless Brand Tactics To Survive The Current Advertising Climate And Beyond

Wayne Flemming, Founder and Managing Director of Brandtruth//DGTL, states that with the landscape of Covid-19 in South Africa changing daily, there are three timeless tactics that any brand can use to survive both in the current advertising climate, as well as afterwards. While short-term goals are easily interchangeable, they must still feed into the overall […]

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Purpose-Driven Marketing vs Woke Washing

Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever, warns about the dangers of ‘woke washing’ in advertising. Woke washing is beginning to infect our industry. It’s polluting purpose, and it’s putting in peril the very thing which offers us the opportunity to help tackle many of the world’s issues. What’s more, it threatens to further destroy trust in […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility Can Boost Brand And Product Communication

According to Billy Lascaris of Matriarch, positivity feeds positivity and good news drives sentiment, creating jobs and stimulating growth. Corporate Social Responsibility/Investment (CSI) is an opportunity for companies to include their socio responsible attitude and actions in brand and product communication. Broad stakeholder value replaces narrow shareholder interest. A responsible attitude towards society and the […]

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Ways To Rev Up Your Brand’s Social Media During #Coronavirus

According to Natalie Pool, Head of Social at VMLY&R South Africa, content in the time of Corona is a minefield.  Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to become anti-social. If anything, brands should be more social than ever before. But it’s how they do it, that counts. Don’t be flippant. Don’t be gimmicky. Don’t take advantage […]

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Social Media Analysis Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

Meltwater states that data from a social media sentiment analysis indicates that the general consensus around Coronavirus is progressively negative around the world, with 83% of social media mentions on ‘coronavirus’ being negative in March. These feelings are attributed to the virus’s impact on stock markets, working environments, restrictions put in place, the sickness and […]

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