Using Global Brands To Make A Local Connection

According to Stuart Walsh, Head of Strategy at Grey Advertising Africa, the ‘beginning’ was not that far back: the early 2000’s, when the ever-increasing interconnectedness and interdependence of people around the world was awakening many brand owners to the prospect of global marketing. Indeed, it’s been such a relatively short time since our industry-first embraced […]

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Reworking Your Ad Spend During Covid-19

According to Mark Irvine, director of strategic partnerships at WordStream, running even limited ads now can help make re-opening more successful. As you prepare to ramp up your business, you need to ramp up your marketing in advance to make a splash on day one. The question of when to start advertising online again seems […]

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Data And Innovation Foster Meaningful Customer Relations

Robin Fisher, regional VP of Emerging Markets at Salesforce, says the company’s research found that standards of customer engagement are shifting again, and that marketers in South Africa are prioritising innovation in a radically altered landscape.  Salesforce’s State of Marketing report shows that as technology drives customer expectations to new heights, marketers in South Africa […]

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Practical Tips On Advertising During A Pandemic

According to The MediaShop’s Herman Degener, there is no one-size-fits-all solution here, and no panacea. However, by weathering the same storm, there are some useful nuggets of advice from the intellectuals at WARC which he feels will provide a slightly elevated sense of ‘we’ve got this’ after reading them. Isla Prentis from our Tirisano Consulting […]

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