According to Mark Irvine, director of strategic partnerships at WordStream, running even limited ads now can help make re-opening more successful. As you prepare to ramp up your business, you need to ramp up your marketing in advance to make a splash on day one.

The question of when to start advertising online again seems simple, but there are so many things to consider. Should you ramp your spend back up now or is there a threshold to wait for? Should you reactivate any paused accounts or is waiting until more businesses are reopening better? How do you know when it’s time to start advertising on all channels again?

If your business isn’t ready to operate at 100% capacity yet, then think of how you can get the most out of your best customers first. As a marketer, you know that what works on one channel might not work on the other.

Here are the strategies you can start with:

1. Build out audience lists for your past customers

If you’ve got their email or contact information, you can use those customer lists in both Google Ads and Facebook to specifically target your ads to just those audiences. On average, your past customers will be three times more likely to convert from you when they search for your product than a new customer, and they often spend far more than your new customers.

2. Build lists for prospects or past website visitors and target them separately.

Someone who was considering buying from you in March is still a lot more likely to be considering your brand than someone who just started searching today.

3. Remember that new customers still take time to consider your brand, product, and the competition before buying from you

If they don’t immediately convert, don’t fret! Consider testing lower friction CTAs or adding a popup to your landing page to collect their email or contact information. Then you can add these new prospects to your drip campaigns and remarketing efforts and help them convert when they’re ready.

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