#Loeries2020 Creative Week Speakers Share Thoughts On Creating Change

Several renowned names on the global creative stage will enthral the advertising and brand communications industry when the Loeries Creative Week broadcasts its virtual event (taking place from 16-20 November 2020). The event will have three channels with over 75 hours of content.  Loeries media partner, Modern Marketing, asked some of the event’s speakers about […]

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IIE Introduces First Doctor of Philosophy In Brand Leadership Qualification

The Doctor of Philosophy in Brand Leadership qualification by The Independent Institute of Education (IIE) will equip students with advanced research and highly specialised knowledge within the field of Brand Leadership; add depth to the ever-evolving field by producing new knowledge within an African context and encourage trans-disciplinary research. The qualification will also provide brand […]

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E-Commerce Design Trends Are Leaning Towards Personalisation

Attic Rush discusses their top five design trends for e-commerce development for 2020 and 2021. Online shopping habits are constantly evolving, so it is no surprise that e-commerce design trends are evolving along with them. 1. Emphasis on data The use of ‘big data’ is helping some e-commerce sites stay one step ahead of the game. Big […]

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EQ Is Necessary For Brands To Authentically Connect With Consumers

Janine Hills, Founder and CEO of Authentic Leadership, was a recent guest speaker at a Zoom session for employees and global students of the IMM Graduate School, sharing her case study on the Clicks/Unilever/TRESemmé issue. One of her key discussion points was the need for a rapid response from stakeholders in situations such as these. […]

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Pursuing Exclusively Digital PR Business Is The Key To Growth

Lynn Erasmus, Managing Director at HWB Communications, says now is an opportunity to step away from the credibility crises that traditional PR practitioners have had to face so often in the past because new-age tools and tactics are customisable, effective, and above all, measurable. Digital PR is simply the evolution of what has until now […]

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Brands That Become South African Centric Will Be Rewarded

According to Sithembile Ntombela, Marketing Awards Council Member and Head of Marketing at Brand South Africa, she has seen local and global brands using the rich culture, heritage and diversity that South Africa has to offer, linking themselves to more South African centric messaging with great results. What springs immediately to mind is a Santam insurance […]

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Consumers Make Certain Brand Associations With Specific Smells

Dr Roland Goldberg, a senior lecturer in marketing at the North-West University  states that your wallet is more closely connected to your nose than you might think. One of his fields of expertise is retail atmospherics, which includes scent marketing  ‘I am flabbergasted by retailers who still use outdated forms of marketing like the distribution […]

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How Is Online Ad Viewability Affected?

According to Ad Operations Lead at OleConnect Cape Town, Daniel Schmidt, viewability has been a buzzword in the advertising industry for a number of years. Clients want their ads to be seen by prospective buyers and agencies have been selling them ‘viewability solutions’. It is interesting to note that agencies use demand-side platforms (DSPs) as […]

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