Key Elements To A Powerful Purpose Campaign

Graham Staplehurst, Global Strategy Director from BrandZ at Kantar, states that over the last decade, consumers have become more aware of what businesses take out of the system and how this impacts society and the environment, with the result that the definition of purpose as perceived by consumers is changing. Evolving purpose BrandZ first added […]

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Brands Need To Stay Relevant And Part Of Their Consumers’ Lives

Brands have the responsibility to consider more than just their businesses, they need to also consider their communities, cities, people and every element that they, directly and indirectly, impact, says Sindiswa Masuta, Strategy Business Director at Grey Advertising. Covid-19 has brought about the notion of people working together for the greater good, rather than a […]

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How To Bring Customers’ Needs Into Your Content Strategy

According to Julie McLaughlin from the Engagement Factory, creating powerful content and being heard and noticed means understanding your target audience perfectly and knowing what they need and how they make decisions about your product. Creating relevant, high-quality content is more important than ever. Customers have come to expect brands to automatically know and cater […]

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Retailers Need To Adapt To New Consumer Habits

Associate Media Consultant at The MediaShop, Sean Sullivan, said the mental impact of the pandemic has run deep, but brands that offer reassurance of safety, along with a message of optimism, show solidarity as consumers regain confidence. Changes in consumer habits have taken place on a massive scale due to lockdowns and social distancing decrees. […]

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The World Has Changed And Agencies Need To Step Up To The Challenge

According to M&C Saatchi Abel Group Managing Director Jason Harrison, as the economy stutters back to life, and brands try to position themselves for a post-pandemic world, creative agencies have been thrust into the role of frontline workers within this new economic landscape. The world has changed, and agencies need to step up to the […]

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Loeries 2020 Awards Judging Commences

More than 175 regional and international judges will be judging more than double the submissions received when compared to the previous year for the Loeries. This further adds to the usual excitement felt during this annual highlight on the creative calendar.  The team of esteemed international Jury Presidents – who will be the Jury overall […]

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Industry Interview: Michael Gullan On Growing Up With An Extreme Love Of Advertising

In our exclusive Modern Marketing Industry interview series, the founder and CEO of G+G Digital and G+G Advocacy, Michael Gullan, discusses his 31-year long career in advertising, industry transformation, his favourite campaigns, and more. Early life ‘I have been part of the industry for 31 years. I actually started when I was sort of a four or […]

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How Do You Engage Customers Through To Point Of Sale And Beyond?

According to Dev Naidoo from New Media and Leo Redelinghuys, Content Marketing Institute research indicates that B2B marketers are doing well when it comes to educating and growing awareness but are struggling with building lasting relationships and building the bottom line. The rise of digital has resulted in an ever-increasing wave of competition to reach […]

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Use The Right Tools To Understand How Different Channels Lead To Conversion

Grant Lapping, Managing Director at DataCore Media, says it is easy to fixate on the wrong data, to misinterpret what the data means, or to use the wrong tools for the job. Marketers know that a customer’s journey from their first exposure to the brand to a conversion event will generally involve a number of touchpoints […]

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