Fuel Forecourt Retailers Can Survive Disruption By Embracing Data-Driven Innovation

According to Nishal Nair, Managing Director within the Resources Practice at Accenture in Africa, fuel forecourt retailers or convenience shops are highly vulnerable to disruption. Although their operations have always provided a convenience-driven competitive advantage, they now have a lot more to grapple with. South African consumers are more tech-savvy and time-strapped, demanding greater relevance […]

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Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 Workshop Reveals Convenient Video Editing Apps

Modern Marketing LIVE and Mo Jogie, Design and Strategy Director at MSD, hosted the online Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 Power Half Hour online on 20 August. The session focused on how users can bring their ideas to life with Adobe applications for video editing, visual effects, animation and more. Adobe Premiere Rush Premiere Pro works seamlessly […]

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Industry Interview: Lerato Songelwa On The Satisfaction Of Achieving Brand Purpose Through PR

In our exclusive Modern Marketing Industry Interview series, Deputy Managing Director of HK Strategies, Lerato Songelwa, discusses how her 13-year long career in Public Relations (PR) has been hard work, but very fulfilling as she sees different brands reaching their goals and re-aligning their purpose. Getting into PR Songelwa mentioned that she was very fortunate […]

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Consumers Are Becoming Increasingly Reliant On Online Ratings And Reviews

According to Mica Townsend, Business Development Manager at 10X Investments, the social media and online review culture has grown into a movement of significant influence, and consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on online ratings, reviews and customer feedback to make decisions. The convention of taking the opinions of complete strangers as gospel truth is potentially […]

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Tips On Offering Exceptional Customer Experience

Saskia Schuldig, PR Officer at 1-grid, and 1-grid CEO, Thomas Vollrath, share tips on how you can differentiate yourself through offering an exceptional customer experience. Understand who the customer is To provide solutions to your customers, you need to understand them and their businesses. Take the time to learn about the business, the industry and […]

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Precision Marketing Through User-Generated Content

According to Nonhlanhla Koza, Business Partner at Oliver South Africa, just as businesses are no longer just selling products, or differentiating on price, customers are no longer buying products or solutions; instead, they are buying experiences or expertise. They are looking for service providers and suppliers that can pay attention to (and fix) the pain […]

Modern Marketing LIVE Presents Free Adobe Creative Cloud Power Half Hour With New Bonus Content

A free Modern Marketing Live Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 Power Half Hour will be held online on 20 August 2020 at 11am. It is jam-packed with nuggets for all levels of users and will be delivered by Mo Jogie, Design and Strategy Director at MSD, who is an Adobe Certified Expert, Instructor, Community Professional and […]

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