Adding Digital Signage To The Marketing Mix

An important reality to consider before diving head-first into a communication strategy is that buying habits have changed. People have become far more money conscious – especially in recent months – but more than that is their relentless pursuit of convenience, says Grant Kruger, Business Lead ID/IT at LG Electronics South Africa. Key to advertising […]

Digital Signage Can Increase Brand Awareness

According to Grant Kruger, Business Lead ID/IT at LG Electronics South Africa, digital signage displays can be used to show text, images and videos, but they can also be used to create interactive experiences with the viewer. Digital signage is redefining in-store advertising and marketing experiences. In fact, research has found that digital signage has the […]

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Engaging Customers Through Digital Content

According to Ryno Colyn, Head of Moving Tactics’ Digital Content, marketers need to understand their digital signage technologies before planning major marketing projects. Strategic content development involves planning your annual marketing calendar in advance to focus on specific campaigns that will stand out from the rest. Knowing your network is key as technical advances, or […]

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