Digital Advertising Continues To Grow 

According to Federico de Nardis, GroupM Sub Saharan Africa CEO, digital (which accounts for 52% of global advertising tracked during 2020) is taking a share of advertising in almost every country in 2019 and GroupM global forecasts that it should do so in all of them in 2020.  In South Africa, the total advertising market will […]

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What Makes A Great Account Manager?

A wide range of characteristics takes you from an average suit to a trusted business partner, but there are four key themes that define this role. If you remind yourself of them every day and act on them incessantly, you can become a great account manager. This is according to Georgia Pfuhl, Client Service Director, […]

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Storytelling Often leads To Successful Marketing And Advertising Campaigns

According to Cindy Diamond, Group Sales Director at Mediamark (Kagiso Media), good storytelling is at the core of some of the most successful marketing and advertising campaigns of the past few decades. The secret lies in creating a meaningful link between your brand and the consumer’s reality, dreams and aspirations. Our ability to tell stories […]

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The Evolution Of Retail: Changing Customers And Digital Advancement

CEO of the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC), Amanda Stops, says that from year to year, the evolution of our industry is one of staggering promise and opportunity – as well as uncertainty. The future may be unknown, yet two things are certain: customers will continue to change, and digital advancement will carry […]

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How To Approach Digital Transformation

Templar Wales, Partner at DYDX explains how you should approach digital transformation in 2020. Trend predictions are for Fendi, Gucci and Chanel. Even Louis Vuitton opening their new restaurant in Osaka is a trend for luxury brands, following Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Tiffany’s. But, in digital transformation, there are things that, if you aren’t already […]

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Digital Components That Will Boost Customer Relationship Marketing

Michael Gullan, Co-founder and Managing Director of G&G Digital, says the year 2020 once seemed so far away — with flying cars, robots, video calling and even smart homes. Well, the future has arrived and hasn’t changed much, especially in business. While we have seen many developments in technology and marketing strategies over the last […]

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Reshaping Your Creativity In A Data-Driven World

A 2017 study by global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company found that the world’s most creative companies financially outperformed their peer firms in revenue growth, return to shareholders and net enterprise value (the assessment used M&C’s Award Creativity Score). Emma Odendaal, Digital Director at John Brown Media says if creativity and business performance is directly […]

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