Modern Marketing Industry Interviews 2020 Recap

Our exclusive Modern Marketing Industry Interview series features industry legends such as: Preetesh Sewraj, Ipelegeng Thibedi, Mpume Ngobese, Steph van Niekerk, Fran Luckin, Lerato Songelwa, Michael Gullan, Suhana Gordhan and Boniswa Pezisa, who took us through their career journeys. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos on advertising, branding and marketing trends and […]

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Communication Trends That Brands Should Be Cognisant Of

2020 has seen its fair share of trials and tribulations, shaping a business environment that opposes conventional practices. It has forced many to embrace the power of the pivot, and adapt or sink in the endless communications making the rounds. Founding Partner and CEO of Eclipse Communications, Steve Powell, highlights the changing consumer mindset that […]

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Industry Interview: Boniswa Pezisa On Communicating Activism Through Creativity

In our exclusive Modern Marketing Industry Interview series, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Net#work BBDO, Boniswa Pezisa, discusses how she has always been an activist and communicated that through her creativity, her contribution to the advertising industry and having an opportunity to help channel people with raw talent. Getting into the industry Pezisa studied […]

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Modern Marketing Digital TrendCamp Recap

This year, Modern Marketing called on different agencies to take part in our Digital TrendCamp video series.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos on advertising, branding and marketing trends and topics. Here is a recap of the TrendCamp videos received this year:  E-commerce – brands selling online Social media usage during SA […]

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Making Basic Sense Of Data And Automation Strategy

JD Engelbrecht, MD at Everlytic, says the reality is that most of us are struggling to access data, make basic sense of it and activate it efficiently. As businesses and consumers, we are accumulating data faster than ever before. Today, we have progressed far beyond the human ability to act on the firehose of data […]

Expanding Digital Footprint Creates Greater Need For Customer Behaviour Analysis

According to Sizwe Dlamini, Head of Commercial at Idea Hive, South Africa’s digital footprint is expanding at breakneck speed, creating a greater need for marketers to put their best foot forward through analyses of their customer behaviour. Data has played a crucial role in the emergence and evolution of digital marketing. It is the fuel […]

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Think Digital Marketing First

According to Valiant, formerly known as BrandTruth, now more than ever, brands need to be brave, nimble and defiant in digital. Modern marketing professionals need to flip their thinking upside down – and think digital first. As events all but disappeared, media consumption patterns flew out the window and Out-of Home advertising became redundant, but […]

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New Ways For Marketers And Brands To Reach Audiences With Twitter

Refilwe Mangweta, Digital Campaign Manager at The MediaShop, says Twitter has launched Carousels to help marketers reach new audiences and drive people to their website or app through multiple images or videos for brands. This allows marketers to share a brand story, show off different products or highlight specific features – all within a single ad. Twitter […]

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Brands That Leveraged Black Friday To Build On Equity And Popularity

VMLY&R South Africa’s Dono White, Strategic Lead, and Head of Data, Mike Pearse, measured the brand equity of over 90 local brands using the agency’s new Equity Edge tool. This report reveals their findings on which brands leveraged Black Friday to build on equity and popularity.  While many brands follow the crowd in joining the […]

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