Corporate Social Responsibility Can Boost Brand And Product Communication

According to Billy Lascaris of Matriarch, positivity feeds positivity and good news drives sentiment, creating jobs and stimulating growth. Corporate Social Responsibility/Investment (CSI) is an opportunity for companies to include their socio responsible attitude and actions in brand and product communication. Broad stakeholder value replaces narrow shareholder interest. A responsible attitude towards society and the […]

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Email Opens Have Increased During Lockdown

JanDirk Engelbrecht, Managing Director at Everlytic, states that while consumers are already feeling the economic pain induced by COVID-19, their day to day needs are unlikely to change much. However, for marketers, the brand conversations and value propositions placed before them must be adjusted and tailored. By leveraging smart digital messaging tools and data-driven insights […]

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Reimagining Innovation And Creativity In The Time Of The Coronavirus

According to Shaune Jordaan, CEO of Hoorah Digital, the internet and social media, which make information readily available in a scenario completely at odds with our reality 25 years ago, are meanwhile feeding rather than quelling the global state of panic. Coronavirus is, arguably, like nothing we’ve experienced in recent history. It’s both remarkable and […]

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YBP Provides Personal Protective Equipment While Supporting Communities

Your Branding Partner (YBP) has received official permits to remain open during the lockdown period to locally manufacture non-medical, non-surgical and re-usable fabric face masks in the hope of combatting the spread of the Coronavirus. The face masks are manufactured by the company itself, their local churches, communities and micro business. They closely monitor all […]

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Empathy Drives Human Connection That Leads To Memorable Customer Experience

According to Dr Sibongile Vilakazi of Kantar SA, there’s no better time than the COVID-19 pandemic for brands to show the utmost empathy. The COVID-19 pandemic is dubbed the greatest global crisis since World War II. It has threatened our existence when we least expected it. Progressive business leaders were still thinking and talking about […]

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Modern Marketing Digital Trendcamp: Representation Of African Languages In Advertising

Our Modern Marketing Digital Trendcamp features Vusumuzi Khoza, Senior Copywriter at FCB Joburg, whose video addresses how great ideas could get lost in translation due to the challenge of the representation of African languages in advertising. The video is below and also live on our YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos on […]

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Modern Marketing Digital Trendcamp: Social Media Usage During SA Lockdown

Our Modern Marketing Digital Trendcamp features Anne Dolinscheck, Founder and Chief Strategist at Nfluential, whose video focuses on a survey conducted about the rise of social media usage during the lockdown in South Africa. Watch the video below for more clarity on this infographic: The video is also live on our YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe to the […]

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